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Free delivery for orders over $40 within South East QLD
Free delivery for orders over $40 within South East QLD

Aqua One Focus 14 Glass Aquarium 14L

SKU 9325136156553
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The Aqua One Focus Aquariums allow you to create a beautiful underwater landscape for your fish. The Aqua OneFocus Aquariums include energy efficient LED lighting and a fully submersible filter to help maintain water quality,keeping your fish healthy and happy.The modern stylish design would suit any environment, whether this is in the home or the office. Features & Benefits: Fully submersible low-profile internal filter provides a combination ofbiological, mechanical and chemical filtration. LED lighting provides brighter, clearer and more energy efficient lighting. Create a visually stunning spectrum that enhances the colours of your fish and aquatic decor with two different light settings, which consist of white/moonlight and moonlight only. Removable lid allowing easy access for maintenance. A heater can be added to the aquarium to provide a tropical fish environment(heater purchased separately). Available in four sizes and two colours. Easy to set up and maintain.