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Free delivery for orders over $40 within South East QLD

Quit Itch

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Anyone with an itchy pet knows the frustration of watching your pet baby itch and scratch themselves into a skin infection. Quit Itch Lotion aims to relieve your furry friends discomfort with a broad spectrum antiseptic skin treatment for dogs, cats and horses. Containing iodine, this lotion not only aids in the treatment of bacterial dermatitis and fungal infections such as ringworm, but it is also suitable for use cleaning lacerations, cuts, burns, abrasions, grazes, and other superficial wounds to prevent an infection from occuring. Antiseptic spray formulated with iodine Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activity May help reduce licking and scratching that lead to hotspots and infections Can be used on cuts and abrasions Suitable for cats, dogs and horses of all ages